5 Questions to Help You Hire Long Distance Movers

Changing addresses often entails a lot of things: transitioning to a new job, community and life. It’s no wonder people’s stress levels rise to the roof. Want to have one less thing you need to worry about? Hire long distance movers in Santa Monica that you can trust. Here are several questions to help you:

How much experience do they have?

A moving firm that’s been in the business for years will know the ins and outs of the industry well by now. They often have the best resources, team and network in place to get the job done in the best, fastest and most efficient way possible. If the company ticks all that boxes, then you’ve got a good one in your sights.

Is the company licensed?

Long distance movers in Santa Monica that move you from state to state will always have a US DOT number. That number is unique and issued by the United States Department of Transportation. Check if the company has one, says the Huffington Post.

Is the company insured?

It should be. Members of the moving crew must also be insured. Don’t just blindly take their word for it, though. Ask to see proof of their liability insurance. That’s going to help put your mind at ease.

How are their ratings?

Check with sites like the Better Business Bureau for the company’s ratings. High ratings indicate excellent service while low ones tell you it’s wise to scout around for other long distance movers in Santa Monica on your list.

Do they have any awards?

A company that’s been awarded with accolades or by its peers in the business is a good bet to go for. You could also ask for letters of recommendation or any other proof or sign that the moving firm has a solid reputation in the business.