5 Security Enhancements That Your Business Needs to Make (for Commercial Offices and Buildings)

by | May 22, 2019 | businesseclipse

Companies everywhere know that they need to focus on security, but there are many aspects of that topic, and many entrepreneurs don’t know where to start. It might be prudent to hire a commercial locksmith in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area because they can help with the five most popular security enhancements any business owner should make.

Locksmith Services

The first-place intruders are going to try to access your building is the front and back door, so it makes sense that you have appropriate locking mechanisms. These can be a range of traditional locks all the way to smart electronic entry locks. You can also count on these professionals to re-key the doors, provide new lock hardware, advise on which locks are best to use for different circumstances and much more. Ask your local Locksmith which locks are right for you.

Network Video Surveillance

Locks may be the first step to a safer business, but they are not the only security feature you need to employ to fully protect your business. There will always be those individuals that think they can outsmart your security, so to bolster your protocols, it is essential that you have digital video surveillance on site. These systems will capture videos and images that can be stored, sent, and compressed via a variety of communication options. Advanced analytics can now recognize when intruders enter the property and will create events based on date and time of the intrusion. This helps save time searching through hours of video to find the security breach. Some of the analytics in these cameras are so advanced that they can capture and recognize faces, identifying persons of interest within linked databases.

Access Control Systems

Paired with the enhancements that video surveillance can make, access control systems will add an additional layer to your overall security plan. Electronic locks, emergency lock-down options, card readers, intercom integration, and much more can help strengthen the security strategy of any business. New access control technology can track who comes into your building and when they do, giving data that cannot be gather with traditional locks. It can also track when doors are held open/wedged open and who was the last person to enter as this can be a major breach in security protocols. Great way for business to assess fines and reprimand their constituents to deter them from breaking the security protocols that have been put into place. Access control systems can also detect forced doors through a break in and can send immediate email and push notifications to the administration for quick action.


While most people think that having the aforementioned is enough to secure their business, you may also want to consider an alarm system as a further deterrent. You can achieve more with a comprehensive security management system, which can be integrated with your current products and software. You can reduce costs for security and improve the total security of your business.


While a locksmith may not be able to help with this area of expertise, you still need to make sure that your computers are backed up and that they are secure as well. Backing up your devices will help ensure that any data that has been captured, whether it be through and access control or video surveillance system, can be retrieved if the main server/computer goes down. This can help ensure data collected will be saved in multiple locations, strengthening your overall security strategy.

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