5 Tips to Working with an Interpreter

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Translation Resources

Working with a certified interpreter ensures you have someone with the right qualifications and credentials to get the job done. However, working with a certified interpreter entails more than just saying the words and expecting them to render that in the target language. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of working with a trained interpreter:

Get to Know Each Other

Don’t work together cold, Air University says. It’s much better to at least talk to the interpreter before the event. If there’s rapport, your interpreter will find it easy to ask you questions if there’s something s/he didn’t failed to understand.

Prepare the Interpreter on the Subject

While you expect your interpreter to already know what the discussion is going to be about, go through the steps and brief the interpreter on specific texts or documents that will be discussed. This helps familiarize the interpreter with your speech patterns, making it easy for him/her to do the job.

Determine Interpreter’s Level of Understanding

If you’re hiring an interpreter for business meetings, military dealings or medical conferences, you’ll need to find out the level of understanding your interpreter has of key concepts in that field or industry. Lack of understanding can derail one’s thought processes and significantly slow down your interpreter. You’ll want to make sure yours has adequate, if not extensive knowledge of the industry, to ensure accurate and speedy interpretations.

Introduce the Other Party

Don’t forget to brief your interpreter regarding the title/rank and name of your audience. The more prepared s/he is, the better those discussions will go.

Don’t Rush, Take Your Time

In case of languages that are disparate from each other, it can take time for your interpreter to get the message across. Give him/her time. Don’t rush. With these tips, working with a certified interpreter should go much easier.

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