5 Ways to Pick an Industrial Pallet Racking System

by | Jun 19, 2020 | Material Handling Equipment Supplier

When you pick a racking solution for your industrial warehouse, make sure you’ve got one that’s built to last. If you end up with the wrong system, that will compromise the entire framework of your operation. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Identify What You Need

Assess your space. What is the size of your warehouse? What is the size of the products you deal with? What kind of product flow is usual for you? Once you determine the answer to all these, finding the most efficient and effective solution is easier.

Consider Your Tools

Will you use a forklift? That will affect the size of your aisles as well as the racking solutions you can choose and work with. Think about this factor when you shop around for industrial pallet racks.

Check Storage Conditions

What type of environment will you store the products? Will it be humid or in a freezer? That will also affect the material of the racking system you’ll use. Failure to pay attention to these details may lead to a lot of buying regrets. You wouldn’t want to buy a racking solution that won’t be able to stand up to the storage conditions in your warehouse.

Know Your Options

Study the choices available to you. You can pick from a selective pallet racking option, drive-in racking option, cantilever racking system, and a push back racking option. You can also check out the carton flow racking system as well as the pallet flow racking system to see if these are much more ideal for your needs.

Look for Reliability

When you check out options for industrial pallets, make sure you go for a company that you can trust. Choose one that offers the best in racking systems by checking on their experience and background.

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