A Beginners Guide To Filter Housing

by | Aug 29, 2018 | businesseclipse

Water filtering and purification are tricky topics, especially when discussing the devices that do the filtering and purification. A term that could pop up if you’re using cartridges rather than bags to filter is cartridge filter housing. The term seems scary and daunting, but figuring out what it does is quite simple when it’s broken down.

What Is it? – A filter Housing does precisely what it says: holds and stores the filter that purifies your water. However, there are more specific versions of it, such as a cartridge filter housing, which contains filters in the form of cartridges. If you are in need of something with high chemical resistance, however, then a bag filter housing is the way to go.

How Big Is It? – Well, that depends how much it’s doing. For residential or small commercial purposes, you can get away with a filter housing that sizes to ten or twenty inches. Residential filters don’t have to do a lot of heavy filtration so a smaller size would suit it just fine. But if a big commercial building is using the filter, then you would use a larger filter housing that can hold multiple cartridges rather than only one.

What’s It Made Of? – Again, it depends on the size and how much filtering is happening. The filter housings used for residential homes are made of two materials: reinforced polypropylene on top for the cap and either polypropylene or styrene acrylonitrile on the bottom, depending on if it’s transparent or opaque. For bigger filtration housings, usually used in commercial settings, stainless steel is preferred. Stainless steel provides the strength needed to filter large amounts of water as well as hold what is strained out in the process.

With this information, you can find the cartridge water housing that fits your needs, whether residential or commercial.

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