Add Float Tubes to Your List of Pool Toys for a More Relaxing Swim

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Water Sports

Swimming in the family pool, a public pool, or even a lake or other natural water is one of the many joys of summer. Going for a swim can keep you nice and cool on those long, hot days, while also having fun with the people you know and care about, but if you want to relax and float leisurely in the water, you can consider adding floating tubes to your list of pool toys.

Pool tubes are something you may have seen at a water park to use when going down the waterslides, but they are more than easy to get your hands on for your pool at home. A pool tube is an inflatable plastic tube that typically has an opening in the center to fit your body through. With this, you can easily swim around with more support if you are still learning, or laze around without the fear of sinking. You can also sit on top of the pool float and float on top of the water for a relaxing combination of warm sun and cool water. Floating pool tubes are available in a variety of different color combinations, shapes, and sizes to fit your own tastes and needs. From small floating tubes to large ones, round or shaped like your favorite animal, crazy colors to monochromatic, there are many different tubes for the whole family.

Complete your summer with fun new toys for swimming with the family by grabbing your own floating tubes from WOW Watersports.

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