Advantages of Outsourcing to Professional Shredding Companies in Dallas Tx

Many businesses rely on someone from their own staff to shred confidential documents. However, there are some very important reasons to outsource this work to one of the Shredding Companies in Dallas Tx instead.

One issue of shredding documents in-house is verifying that all confidential documents were destroyed. Designating shredding as a casual part of a job description usually does not involve any verification procedure. Yet these documents are required by law to be shredded within a certain amount of time for privacy concerns and data protection. Professional Shredding Companies in Dallas Tx can provide a Certificate of Destruction that a business can use if it ever needs to prove the project was done.

Although an employer never wants to think of a trusted employee committing fraud against the organization, data breaches do occur through insiders collecting private information. In contrast, a company such as Action Shred of Texas follows proven best set practices to make sure the documents are kept secure and not tampered with through the entire process.

One advantage of choosing a professional company to shred your documents is the purpose-built equipment used for maximum destruction. While small office paper shredders may appear to do the job, the reality is the shred fragments are nowhere near the indiscernible pieces of paper left from a commercial grade shredder.

Tasking an employee to feed an office paper shredder with sensitive personnel or client documents is not only a poor use of their time, but possibly a data security vulnerability. The tedious job of removing staples and paperclips to prevent jams with the shredder is both time consuming and frustrating, not to mention underutilizing an employee who could be more productive for your business in other ways. Please visit the website for more information on certified shredding solutions for your office.