Apollo Essentials: Your Wellness Solution Provider

by | Aug 29, 2022 | businesseclipse

Apollo Essentials is a premium full-spectrum CBD oil. They have found solutions for every condition, including mind, body & sleep; anxiety; skin; and more. They produce quality hemp-based products safe for your consumption. Their goal is to sustainably provide solutions for your wellness needs by offering superior formulations of CBD+ total spectrum products that optimize benefits for consumers like you.

Factors to Consider Buying CBD Products

How It Is Grown

Don’t buy hemp oil for sleep if you don’t know how it is grown. Hemp is a beautiful plant, but it can absorb and hold on to pesticides and other toxic chemicals from the soil. Your hemp oil should never be treated with synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.

What the Hemp Contains?

Stay away from products that contain additives or unnatural flavorings. These products might have adverse side effects like allergies, nervousness, and stomach discomfort.

Extraction Methods of Hemp Oil for Sleep

Choose products that use chemical-free extraction methods. Companies use two types of extraction methods to extract the hemp oil from the plant: solvent-based and CO2-based.

Solvent-based extraction is a method that uses solvents such as hexane, alcohols, or petroleum products like butane to extract the oil from the plant. It creates a chemical reaction with the cannabinoid compounds in the plant that changes their molecular structure.

CO2-based extraction is a method that uses carbon dioxide to extract the oil from the plant. It doesn’t create any chemical reactions with cannabinoid compounds in the plant, so it’s pretty safe for you.

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