Avoid Problems With the Help of a Stainless Steel Fabricator in Massachusetts, RI

When restaurants need stainless steel equipment, it’s important they partner with experienced pros that have the right tools and parts to meet any job’s challenges. By choosing an established Stainless Steel Fabricator in Massachusetts RI, customers can avoid problems such as those listed below.

Surface Damage and Contamination

Stainless steel must be handled with a great deal of care, as it only takes one minor scratch to begin the corrosive process. A small dent or ding can quickly turn into a major rust issue, and when stainless steel is scratched with a carbon steel tool, some may rub off. Carbon steel rusts quickly, ruining an otherwise perfect piece. Proper handling goes a long way in ensuring the perfect condition of a final project.

Contamination of the Work Area

If there’s a great deal of dirt or dust in the air, it adversely affects the work being done. Workers with greasy or dirty hands may cause contamination, as do marking tools and adhesive residues from tape. While it is impossible to avoid every contaminant, an effective custom steel fabricator always cleans their materials and tools as work progresses. With oversight and care, most quality problems are prevented.

Welding Quality Control Issues

Although it’s not too hard to weld stainless steel, things such as arc strikes and spatter may ruin the finish of a good welding job. It takes an experienced, quality-focused welder to provide the fabrication services restaurant owners need. Look for a stainless steel fabricator in Massachusetts RI that hires AWS D1.6-certified welders to ensure that every project meets the correct industry standards.

Improper Care and Handling

Stainless steel pieces need proper care when they’re handled, shipped, stored, and manipulated. If the restaurant’s workers and equipment installers are not careful, these materials may be damaged in various ways. However, when restaurant owners work with a custom steel fabricator in the area, they’re assured that their materials will arrive in the best condition possible. Furthermore, the problems mentioned here can be avoided or at the least minimized. Visit us online or call today for additional information on the company’s products and services.