Basic Troubleshooting Tips to Follow Before Submitting an IT Support Ticket

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Business

Sound thwacks against your computer or printer aren’t going to solve those IT problems. Before you send that IT support ticket in a panic, though, here are a few troubleshooting tips that could save you a lot of time and trouble:

Browse through the help center

Sometimes, the issue you’re dealing with has actually already been covered in great detail. You might want to check the help center for much-needed information and instructions to fix the problem. This might be faster than sending a ticket and waiting for the IT team to reply.

Pay attention

Sometimes, it’s as easy as checking if the machine or unit is properly plugged. You might have knocked it out of the socket in some way. If your computer, printer or copier isn’t turning on, check if it’s properly plugged to a power source first.

Provide enough details

Saying your computer isn’t working or the software isn’t working isn’t going to be enough. Your IT support aren’t mind readers. Load that ticket up with details. The more information you offer, the more they have to work with. That’s going to help them resolve your ticket or issues faster.

Take a photo

These days, it’s easy enough to just send a screen shot of the problem or issue, says blurb. Use your phone or computer. That way, your IT team has a better idea of what they’re up against.

Do a reboot

Sometimes, it might simply be a case of you needing to let those software updates take effect. If you always put your laptop to sleep instead of shutting it down every time, then that could get in the way of the software and app updates. Restart your unit or the software and go from there.

Knowing how to troubleshoot your device can save you and your IT team a lot of frustration and trouble.

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