Beating the Elements by Working With the Sun’s Power in Naples, FL

by | Dec 1, 2023 | Solar Panels

There are several ways to beat the heat on the hottest Floridian days. And one that everyone can agree on is the sheer joy of jumping into a pool. But while Florida’s the sunshine state, that doesn’t mean it’s always warm for every single minute. It’s quite common for the temperatures to dip at night or when there’s rain, only to heat right back up again. Of course, the later days of Fall also bring their unique challenges when trying to stay comfortable. And in those instances, you can be caught unaware by water that’s just a little too cold. It can even happen when the sun’s high in the sky. But there’s a way around that problem which isn’t quite as self-apparent as cooling off in the pool. You can combine solar power and your pool to beat both the heat and cold in a unique way.

A solar pool heater in Naples, FL can harness the sun’s power when it’s shining bright to heat your pool when it’s not. People often assume solar power only operates when the sun’s out. But in reality, a solar panel simply transforms sunlight into electricity, which can be stored for later use. And a specialized solar pool heater in Naples, FL can fully integrate into a pool’s system. This can include tying into a system with a pump, filter, and even an auxiliary heater. You can get started by contacting Advance Solar.

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