Blast Rooms Airblast AFC

Airblast AFC is a leading manufacturer in blast rooms that are made from 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal panels, with rubber lining for surface protection. As well as having very blast resistant walls, Airblast AFC produces equally blast resistant doors, that can withstand some of the most harsh environments where blasting occurs.

Airblast AFC offers 3 different types of blast rooms; modular, containerized, and rooms specific for plastic media blasting. The modular rooms are built precisely according to the specifications of the customer. According to, these modular rooms range in size anywhere from a 10′ cube, to a size fit for larger projects such as rail cars or aircraft.

Containerized rooms are cleverly converted from a shipping container to provide a more efficient and economical solution by being relatively portable while still containing a sufficient amount of space, where the shipping containers are 8′ wide x 8′ high and lengths in options of 20′ or 40′ long. 5′ of the shipping container houses the blast machine and dust collector. The shipping containers are fully waterproof, and are easily converted into fully functional rooms that could potentially be shipped around the world. Lastly, Airblast AFC offers a plastic media blast room, or PMB, which contains characteristics specific to projects where plastic media blasting is the objective goal.

Airblast AFC offers two different types of rooms specifically for plastic media stripping. One type is a single skin sheet enclosed by metal, and the other type is an eclosure that is made from smooth polyester panels with a white finish. As well as building quality rooms, Airblast AFC produces space saving roller doors from galvanized steel that have coatings to withstand powerful blasts. These doors are easily operated electronically, require no manual handling, and are extremely secure when closed. All enclosures produced are manufactured for maximum sound insulation.