How to Boost Your Couple’s Relationship

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Business

Where one or either of you suggests that you undertake to meet with a couples counseling therapist, this may be because you have lost some of the closeness within your relationship and need to relearn some of the skills required, that brought you together as a couple, originally.

Communication Is Key to Any Relationship

A failure in a marriage or any other relationship is often referred to as beginning with a communication breakdown, where couples are unable to speak freely with each other without the conversation developing into an emotional and perhaps physical contest.

Your couples counseling therapist will remind you to consider how you reacted and communicated in those early days. No doubt you were extremely curious about the other individual and showed genuine interest in anything they had to say or remark about. They will have shown the same caring consideration about your life, lifestyle and interests.

Even where you don’t agree, you would have allowed your partner to have their say about areas of interest that helped them show genuine enthusiasm, even if you couldn’t understand what they were talking about.

Relationships develop and become extremely supportive, reliable and certainly, trustworthy. The couples counseling therapist will take you back to those times and try to help guide you to understanding what has changed and how the situation can be rectified.

In those early stages, you were probably quite happy to unplug yourself from social media and interruptions from technology, when you were completing a conversation and communicating effectively. Where you keep one eye on the screen and half listening to the sport on the television, you cannot efficiently communicate with your partner, without at least showing an element of distrust and lack of genuine interest.

Your counselor will be a professionally educated individual, truthful and advise you that making changes in your lives will not be simple and straightforward, but the difficulties will be worth the hard work to achieve great success.

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