Bring Hot Wings to Another Level By Turning Them Into Empanadas

If you want to prepare a spicy dish that’s full of flavor and that can be customized in any way you want, then consider buffalo chicken empanadas. You’ve probably heard of these small menu items being made with beef or even sweet ingredients, such as apple pie filling. However, buffalo chicken can deliver a flavor that is similar to a hot wing but without as much of the mess you would get from eating the chicken with your fingers.

The First Steps

The first thing that you need to do is make your empanada dough. Most stores have pre-made dough if you don’t want to spend the time making your own. You can use a fork or your fingers to add details to the edges after the empanadas are put together. Only use fresh chicken as it gives the best flavor. You could grill the chicken before it’s combined with the sauce if you’re looking for a different taste.

Combining Ingredients

When the chicken is cooked, pull it apart so that it’s in shreds. This makes it easier to combine with the sauce and the other ingredients that you want to add. The sauce doesn’t have to be really hot. You can use mild if you want to be able to enjoy the empanadas without being overwhelmed by the heat. Before putting the buffalo chicken empanadas in the oil to fry, you can add salsa or shredded cheese.

Cooking Process

Let the empanadas fry in hot oil for about 10 minutes. You can also bake them in an oven for about 25 minutes. When they are cool, top with more cheese or salsa as well as lettuce, tomatoes, or other ingredients. For a meal that’s more like eating hot wings, pair them with celery sticks and blue cheese. You can also drizzle hot sauce on top of them.

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