Buying a Rack Mounted KVM- What You Need to Know

A Rack mounted KVM switch is a device that’s commonly used in data centers and network organizations. There are a lot of different computers and servers in data centers. In order to save space, many data centers employ a stacking approach, where all the computers are stacked on top of each other neatly in racks. However, what if you need to access the files in one of the many servers? Most computers aren’t connected to input and output devices such as keyboards, mice, and monitors. Therefore, if you have to access the files on one computer, you will have to connect the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Needless to say, this can be a serious problem owing to the lack of space and the fact that monitors aren’t always portable. In order to combat this problem, many companies use rack mounted KVM switches. A rack mounted KVM switch is a simple device that allows you to connect all the computers in a data center to a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor. KVM itself stands for keyboard, video, and monitor. The KVM switch includes ports in which you can connect all the other computers. You can’t use an ordinary cable in order to connect the KVM switches. Instead, you will need to purchase specific KVM cables. If you are interested in buying a KVM switch, here are a few things that you need to know:

What Type of Switch Do You Need?

There are numerous different kinds of KVM switches that you can choose from. The standard KVM switch needs to be connected via KVM cables, which you will have to purchase separately. However, if you already have an existing network, buying KVM cables may not be necessary. You could opt for the KVM over IP switch, which makes use of the existing network cables and can be connected using standard Ethernet cables. Selecting the type of switch you need is very important. While the KVM over IP switch is a bit more expensive, you will end up saving money because you won’t have to buy KVM cables. However, you will need to buy KVM cables if you buy a standard switch, which is also cheaper.

Where to Buy a Switch

If you are interested in buying a KVM switch, you will need to find a network manufacturer who deals in such equipment. There are many companies that sell such network equipment over the internet. Make sure you choose a switch that best meets your requirements. If you are looking to expand operations and are going to add more computers to your organization, you should consider buying a switch with support for more servers.