Caring for Natural Stone? Avoid these 3 Mistakes!

Using natural stone for your patio, deck, or pool is a solid investment. This material is durable and easy to clean, but only if you do it correctly. Not everyone knows the best options to keep natural stone clean, which can lead to mistakes. Today we’ll share those mistakes and what to do instead to protect your investment.

Not Cleaning Up Spills Right Away

If you use your natural stone patio for entertaining, spills will eventually happen. It’s important to clean those spills as soon as possible. Do you also have an outdoor kitchen and use it often? If so, make sure to get any grease off the stone as quickly as possible. You want to use a stone safe cleaner to remove it. This will prevent the grease from seeping through the surface of the stone to and staining it.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

Things like mold, mildew, and moss can grow on outdoor natural stone. If parts of your stone patio are located in a shady and damp area, this is even more likely. You may think you can choose any product to get rid of these issues, but anything acidic or abrasive can damage the stone. Instead, use a solution that is half water and half bleach. Scrub it with a nylon pad to remove the stain, mold or mildew. Wait about 15 minutes and rinse the stone to remove the bleach.

Not Sealing the Stone

Natural stone should be treated the same way as indoor stone floors and countertops. This requires the application of a sealant to protect against stains and etching. With the right product the process is easy: Sweep the stone, clean it, and apply the sealer. Then buff it and let it dry.

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