Common Uses for a Commercial Direct Drive Exhaust Fan in Brooklyn

Owners and building managers of commercial and industrial enterprises may need to make decisions about ventilation equipment. Ventilation is a separate issue from heating and cooling. It replaces stale or polluted air with fresh air. One product often used is a direct drive exhaust fan.

Direct-Drive and Belt-Drive Exhaust Fans

A direct drive exhaust fan is generally suitable for smaller spaces in commercial and industrial facilities. Direct drive fan motors usually have an adjustable speed control. The other most commonly used fan is the belt-drive model, which is recommended for larger areas and temperatures above 122 degrees Fahrenheit. An example is a room with a boiler inside. This equipment operates with adjustable pulleys that regulate speed.

Minimum Recommended Ventilation Levels

The decision makers can find charts showing the minimum recommended ventilation levels for a variety of facilities. However, this depends a great deal on the size of a facility. A very large warehouse needs more powerful ventilation equipment than a smaller storage area does. The same is true for buildings like printing plants, grocery stores and restaurants.


These devices are typically installed at the roof level or in an upper part of a wall. They also can be placed in ventilation ductwork. For people traveling on rural roads, one of the most frequent views of exhaust fans are on the exteriors of large dairy barns.

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