Concrete Disposal in Naples, FL- Three Options With No Dumping Fees

by | Nov 23, 2023 | Recycling, Recycling Center

If you have ever remodeled a home or repaired old walkways, you know getting rid of the waste concrete is hard. Below are three convenient methods of concrete disposal in Naples, FL, that don’t require payment of dumping fees.

Inert Dumpster Method

You can rent an inert dumpster for whatever period, say a day, week, or month. Clean your concrete to get rid of residue or oils. Break the concrete into the smallest pieces possible, then load the dumpster.

Depending on your schedule, a dumpster will pick up the materials from your home when full. The company owners will take the material to a concrete recycling plant, so you don’t have to pay dumping fees.

Contact a Local Recycling Company

Donating to a local concrete disposal company is one of the best methods of concrete disposal in Naples, FL. Such companies turn the concrete waste into something new or use it to build retaining walls for landscaping. You only need to clean the concrete and deliver it to their facilities. They will pay the dumping fees for you, unlike when you take it to a landfill.

Junk or Concrete Hauler Method

This method is for those who are okay with paying some cash for extra convenience. All you need to do is contact a hauler company, agree on fees and make a schedule. On the scheduled day, clean the concrete thoroughly, then sit down and watch. They will do all the demolition, loading and hauling for you. Again, no dumping cash is asked of you.

Paying dumping fees alongside remodeling fees is a thorn in the flesh. Thankfully, you have other alternatives when it comes to concrete disposal in Naples, FL. A great choice is a local recycling company because it is good for you and the environment. Contact Repurposed Material Of Naples LLC.

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