Create the Perfect Outdoor Experience With Your Choice of Pergola

While you want to enjoy the inside of your home, it’s well worth it to enjoy the outside of your home just as much. While outdoor rooms, pools, jacuzzis and outdoor movie theaters are just some of the ways you can use your backyard, you should also consider how a solid or lattice style backyard pergola Phoenix AZ could improve your outside space.


When you’re enjoying the use of your backyard, you want to be able to have a decent amount of privacy. Some homes can be situated close together. Solid style pergolas can provide complete privacy from neighbors with two or three-story homes. You can place one next to your pool or in a place you like to read.


One of the best benefits of a solid-style pergola is that it provides exceptional shade. You can decide the dimensions of the one you want, and you can add climbing vines and other vegetation to create extra coolness. Lattice style pergolas also provide some shade while also allowing for a more open feel and the lattice act as a natural breezeway to help keep you cool. Solid or lattice style pergolas are great around the pool too!


Because pergolas are such lovely structures, entertaining under them is fun. You can hang a ceiling fan to help keep guest cool, add lighting to your plants, hang strawberries or tomatoes, or hang any other decorative item here. Consider what lighting, plants, or blown glass would do to the ambience of your backyard. Add a seating area or outdoor dining table and enjoy a dinner or game night outdoors.

Solid pergolas provide instant privacy and shade while providing a nearly instant way to create an outdoor space. Lattice pergolas offer a balance between shade and natural light to get the best of both worlds. Think of all the wonderful ways a backyard pergola Phoenix AZ could improve your yard.