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Crucial Characteristics of a Burnaby Electric Forklift Battery

Whether you have one forklift or an entire fleet of forklifts, the fact is that it’s hard to get work done if your forklifts are sitting on the sidelines. For an electric forklift requiring a battery, it’s crucial that this battery has certain characteristics to ensure the forklift is always ready to get work done. As you seek the best battery for your forklifts, here are some characteristics that an electric forklift battery in Burnaby should possess.


To keep up with the demands of a long shift, a battery for an electric forklift must have a large charging capacity. The last thing you want is for a forklift to wind up with a dead battery when a truck is only half-unloaded. Plus, if you have a large facility, it can be quite a process to get a dead forklift back to its charging station. Make sure you consider the most strenuous demands you’ll be placing on your forklift and purchase an electric forklift battery in Burnaby that can exceed those needs to provide you with a time cushion.


Once your high-capacity battery does become depleted, it’s important that it’s able to be charged quickly to limit downtime. Especially if your facility operates around the clock, you’ll need a fast-charging battery so that the forklift will be ready for the next shift. Look specifically at the time it takes for the battery to reach 80% of its capacity, as this is an important benchmark in rechargeable batteries that will give you a good feel for how quickly the battery can charge.

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