Events and Celebrations that Call for Serving Smokestack BBQ Catering

by | Feb 27, 2020 | businesseclipse

When you are in charge of planning a large scale meeting or celebration, you must decide what kind of food to serve to your guests. You do not want to put guests on the spot by hosting a potluck dinner. You also do not want to turn them away by not serving anything at all.

Rather than serve cold cuts or cheese and crackers, you can make everyone feel at home by serving warm and sumptuous dishes that satisfy everyone’s appetites. These occasions can be the perfect time to serve smokestack BBQ catering Saint Louis for lunch or dinner.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are typically informal occasions to which you invite close friends and beloved family members. Because of how low-key the occasion is, you do not feel the need to serve upscale fare like steak and lobster.

Instead, you can serve barbecue sandwiches, brisket, chicken, baked beans and other fare that is filling but also relaxing. People can eat it without having to stand on upscale table etiquette required for some surf and turf dishes.

Family Reunions

Family reunions are also perfect times for offering barbecue fare. Instead of grilling burgers and hot dogs yourself, you can serve pulled pork, brisket, cole slaw and other dishes. The restaurant does the cooking for you.

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