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Excellent Armed Security Officers in San Antonio TX

Sometimes, you need a level of personal and professional protection that’s prepared for anything. At the SMR Security Services, we offer the finest armed security officers Savannah, Georgia, has seen to date. It would be their honor, and ours, to serve you.

Not every situation calls for an armed guard, but others shouldn’t be approached without it. Our job is to protect you from any kind of threat, especially those that would harm your person or that of someone you love. While we exercise excellent judgment when it comes to the use of force, we are not afraid to do what we have to do in the face of such a serious threat.

A Full Range of Security Services

Armed guards are just one variety of protection we offer. In addition to unarmed guards and personal or executive protection, we also offer the expertise of a private investigator. When you need to track down something or someone, or hope to gather information for a criminal case, trust us to assist you to the best of our ability.

In all that we do, we turn to both time-tested methods and the most advanced technologies. We believe that a balance of the two is necessary in today’s climate, and keep our staff up to date and well educated on all of it.

Of course, some situations only require surveillance, and we’re glad to be able to offer you top quality camera systems, as well as the installation and maintenance they require. Electronic monitoring systems are also available.

The Most Professional Armed Security Officers in San Antonio TX, Can Offer

Rest assured that anyone we send to protect you, armed or unarmed, has been fully vetted, undergone a rigorous background check and prepared for anything through ongoing training. They will look professional with clean, marked uniforms, excellent personal grooming and an attitude of respect and discretion. We don’t just want you to be protected – we want you to feel protected.

When you hire an armed guard, understand that these people have experience in the field, often as police officers or in the military. For the finest armed security officers in San Antonio TX can provide, Contact SMR Security Services. Feel free to use our online contact form, as well as the provided phone numbers and email address. We look forward to working for you!