Exploring the Benefits of LED Lights

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Lighting Store

Lighting upgrades are a given for any business whether you are running a retail store, a warehouse, or even a studio. While in the past a complete replacement of the lighting system might have been in order, retrofitting is now a much more popular option. It saves money, it saves time, and most importantly, it saves energy. An LED wall pack retrofit kit, for example, can give you more cost effective lighting, converting eighty percent of the energy they use into visible light. That is much more than an incandescent light can claim.

LED Benefits – A Look at the Lifespan

Compared to any other lighting technology on the market, LED lights to have an extremely long lifespan. They can, in fact, last up to 100,000 house, whereas an incandescent bulb will only last somewhere around 1,200 hours.

Energy Efficiency in LED Bulbs

As always, LED bulbs are more energy efficient, which shouldn’t be a surprise. First of all, they do not waste energy via infrared radiation, and they emit light directionally. Because of this, they don’t need to reflect or redirect light as often. All in all, they have high light quality, their maintenance costs are low, and they are far more customizable than the other options. Finally, they have a smaller warmup time which means faster switching.

While this can be an expensive upgrade at the outset, it is worth it, and pays for itself over time. An LED wall pack retrofit kit can easily become one of the greatest investments you ever make, no matter what kind of business or establishment you happen to be running. Consider upgrading today and doing your part to save energy and to save money.

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