Finally! No More Guessing About What Belongs To Who With These Stickers

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Labels


Are you tired of taking items to the office only for them to disappear? This company will help you out. Offering a variety of custom labels that you can apply to things that promote your name (and any other information you want) to let others know to keep their hands off of your stuff unless finding its way home.


The camp is a necessary place to have all items marked for owner identification. The best plan is to label everything before leaving or you may never see it again. Just saying’, give the kids a break, let them play, and not have to worry about keeping up with stuff. This company has sticky as well as sew-on custom labels.

For The Home

Whether you are a crafter, organizer, jam, candy, or barbeque dry rub maker, turn your favorite hobby into gifts any time of the year using custom labels to identify the contents and the maker. Write-on labels are available for those “spur of the moment” gifts as well as being handy for adding a date.

School Label Stickers

Most school-age kids have their minds on anything but keeping up with their belongings. This can become expensive. Use school label stickers to bring those “lost puppies” back to their owners. The online service is everything you can expect with Dad-approved products that stand up to the kid test. Don’t forget to check out the awesome wall murals offered.

Parents will love the fact that Label Daddy is a kid as well as parent-friendly. You are just a click away from one less thing to worry about.

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