Find Your Favorite Style of Genuine American-designed Gerber Knives for Sale

by | Nov 15, 2019 | Business

When you find Gerber knives for sale, you can trust that you’re looking at genuine high-quality steel tools that are designed right in the United States. They’ve been making blades in the Tigard, Oregon area since 1939. The company has also attracted plenty of attention for the fact that it’s been more than willing to work with custom knife makers to bring products to market.

If you’ve ever seen someone’s custom blade and wished that you could have something just like it, then you’ve probably experienced a little sticker shock. Custom knives can run thousands if they’re able to find the right market.

As a result, these have been mostly restricted to certain privileged people’s collections. Worst of all, their high price tag means that few people would ever want to actually use them on a daily basis.

Take a look over any list of Gerber knives for sale. You’ll see that many of these were designed by the same individual artists who’re known for making some of these attractive pieces. However, since they meet a much lower price point without sacrificing quality you might be a bit more likely to actually use one as an EDC or survival knife.

Gerber’s products come in various styles that should fit the needs of everyone who regularly uses a blade. Those who want something to carry for work might want something that they can fold up and put in their pocket. The brand’s folding knives won’t normally start to shake over time. This makes them almost as sturdy as many fixed-blade versions currently on the market.

Naturally, Gerber also has quite a line of fixed-blade options for those who prefer them.

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