Finding a Church in Detroit, Michigan

Have you recently moved to the Detroit MI area, or are you looking to get more involved in some of the institutions of the city? One great way to start to feel more connected to your community is by joining a church. Local churches can provide you with some benefits, such as a familiar and friendly place to worship, opportunities for involvement in social activities such as choir or hospitality committees, or classes to help expand your faith journey. No matter your faith preference, there are sure to be welcoming homes at many Detroit churches—here are just a few that you might consider, located in the heart of downtown.

Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Old St. Mary’s has been part of the Detroit community for over 100 years and serves its parishioners and the neighborhood in countless ways. In addition to traditional worship, they offer seminars and retreats designed to deepen your faith as well as opportunities to participate in service and learning activities with other parishioners.

Second Baptist Church of Detroit

The oldest African-American church in the Midwest, Second Baptist is a welcoming environment for all. They offer programs for both adults and children including choirs, Bible studies, and outreach activities.

Christ Church Detroit

This Protestant church welcomes people from all walks of life to join its mission to serve God and the world. Numerous opportunities are provided to learn more about the faith and to serve others in a variety of ways.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox

Established via charter over 100 years ago, this church provides Orthodox Christians a faith home that can give them access to experiences designed to increase their religious knowledge as well as expand their opportunities for stewardship.

These are only a few of many options available in Detroit that would be happy to welcome you into their faith family—investigate a few and see which might be best for you!