Finding the Best Jigging Rod in Malaysia and the Best Place to Use It

A jigging rod is a type of fishing rod specifically made to be used with heavy metal jigs. The jig is dropped straight down into the waters and worked in a jerky, vertical motion by raising the tip of the rod, in a jigging motion or worked at using the reel. This movement mimics a wounded fish trying and failing to swim up from the seabed, which is a typical strike zone.

This fluttering movement makes the jig look like easy prey and will practically attract any fish, including those not actively feeding. Using this method, anglers are no longer limited by the fish’s feeding time. This makes both regular and slow pitch jigging a popular fishing method.

Finding the Best Jigging Rod

Slow pitch jigging rods are very thin and bend from the tip right down to the butt for even weight distribution. This is described as parabolic. The best Slow Jigging Rod Malaysia is one that is light and thin for increased sensitivity and a comfortable and balanced handle. After all, you will be hoisting the rod up and down for hours during fishing, so weight and comfort is important. Jigging also enables anglers to fish large fish using light tackle, which increases the excitement during the fights.

The rod should also be made of strong material such as a graphite/glass composite that is flexible as well as durable, with a strong backbone so that it is capable of handling large catches. You don’t want your rod to bend when you manage to snag a big fish such as a halibut, snapper or amberjack. Instead, your rod should be pointed towards the fish, letting it run with the line and then reeling it back, working with the drag of the jigging reel.

Where Do You Cast a Slow Pitch Jigging Rod?

A jigging rod is versatile and flexible, so you can use it in both fresh and salt water. Ideal spots for jigging include rocky cliffs, piers, jetties and docks with plenty of space for free spooling. Expect each caught fish to be jerking and pulling around once snared.

For a successful jig, pair your jigging rod with a jigging reel that comes with a the right gear ratio that is ideal for your target species. A good jigging reel should come with a high drag power as well. This way, you can be ready for any large fish your jig can catch.

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