Forging Of Aluminum Alloys: A New Approach

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Metal Stamping Service

Aluminum alloys are ideal materials for the creation of a wide range of parts in a wide range of applications. Due to high strength to weight ratio, high corrosion resistance, and the natural durability of aluminum alloys to wear and tear, these alloys have become a standard in the aerospace, automotive, and in the manufacturing industry.

Creating aluminum alloy forgings that meet the demanding standards of these industries, and in particular, the aerospace, automotive, and other industries where precision and high tolerance specifications are required is now possible. This new approach to the aluminum forging process allows for precision production for both small and large volume orders.

Increased Technology and Automation

In the past, complex shapes were difficult to precision forge using hand forging methods. Even some of the earlier drop forging and closed die forging processes were imprecise due to manual operations and controls. With increased equipment size and capacity, these issues have been eliminated, even with the alloys that are more difficult to work.

Today, the use of automated systems and computer controlled manufacturing allows for manufacturers that produce aluminum alloy forgings to create very complex shapes and designs in aluminum to tight tolerances to meet any customer or industry requirement or standard.

The use of technology and automation in the production of aluminum alloy forgings has cost-saving benefits to the OEM customer. With limited waste and faster production through automation, the cost per unit of manufacturing the forgings can be kept low, providing savings that can be passed along to the customer.

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