Four Advantages of Accepting an Offer From a Cash Home-Buying Firm

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Investment Company

In an ideal situation, you’d hire a real estate agent and sell your house for a significant profit. However, you may have an extenuating circumstance where you need to sell sooner, including an impending foreclosure or a job loss. That’s when it’s advisable to contact a cash home-buying company. Here’s why.

Experienced Team
Most companies that put out advertisements like “we buy houses in Birmingham, AL,” hire the most experienced buying agents, speculators, acquisitions managers and operators they can find. These specialists will work hard to expedite the buying process and get you a fair price for you home.

Quick Sale
After a cash home-buying firm has made an offer on your house, it usually takes anywhere from one to three weeks to complete the purchase. During this time, the buying company will contact its lawyer to prepare the paperwork. The lawyer also ensures all forms are filled out correctly at the closing.

Cash Upfront
With a company that advertises “we buy houses in Birmingham, AL,” you’ll receive cash for your residence. This is money you can use for any purpose, such as buying a smaller home, paying off credit cards or even taking a family vacation.

No Busy Work
In a traditional sale, you’d have to constantly keep your house clean, declutter it, repair holes in the drywall and even leave the premises when potential buyers wanted to see it. By comparison, a cash home-buying company will not expect you to do anything.

Guaranteed Sale
One of the most frustrating experiences as a home seller is having a buyer cancel a sale at the last minute because of a financing issue. Contrarily, a company that runs “we buy houses in Birmingham, AL,” ads will not cancel the sale. The firm wants your house so it can make money on it.

When you accept an offer from a cash home-buying company, you’ll also avoid any commissions or closing costs. The buying firm will usually pay all fees on the closing date.

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