Get Eco-Friendly Professional Carpet Installation in Oakland Near Me

Since when is professional carpet installation in Oakland eco-friendly? Not only does professional carpet installation improve your home’s look, feel and energy efficiency, but the carpet materials themselves keep harmful plastic out of our oceans. Here’s how.

Cushion and Protect

Carpets transform dull, hard floors into sumptuous surface that cushion footfalls and protect the integrity of floors beneath. Dense, machine-woven piles stand up to daily foot traffic, retaining their plush texture and color over time.

Plus, the enormous variety of solution-dyed fibers results in carpets that harmonize seamlessly with a plethora of room designs and color schemes. A monochrome or polychrome carpet can anchor your entire decor, connecting disparate elements like furniture, fixtures and decorative pieces into a cohesive visual whole.

Earth-Friendly Materials

By now you’ve heard talk about discarded plastic choking the oceans and its wildlife. How does professional carpet installation in Oakland help solve this problems? PET polyester is the answer.

PET, polyethylene terephthalate, is the most common plastic utilized to make consumer receptacles like bottles. Following post-consumer PET bottle collection, PET gets transformed into PET flakes that become the key fiber in many items that would otherwise consist of polyester.

PET polyester is highly durable, resistant to stains and wear, making it a top choice for those seeking a low maintenance carpet option. In its “polyester” form, it adopts the look and texture of plush materials like brushed cotton and wool.

With professional carpet installation in Oakland, a salesperson first brings samples to the client’s home to be viewed in the selected lighting and setting. This prevents the client from having to run between home and a home improvement store.

With careful consultation and suggestion, the client can choose from a wide selection of carpet palettes, textures and materials, finding just the right one to complete the layout and appearance of any given space. Free estimates and mill-direct pricing are an added perk, with fuss-free, convenient, next-day installation as well.

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