Glass Replacement in Downers Grove Includes the Use of Wire Glass

When it comes to glass replacement in Downers Grove, wire glass is not normally recommended for residential use. However, this glass is often used in such places as public buildings, schools, and businesses. This type of glass often complements structures that offer fire escape routes. Therefore, windows featured in hallways or stairwells are good examples of where wire glass is often used.

Where Wire Glass is Regularly Installed

While the wire does not actually strengthen the glass, it does hold it into place. As a result, a windowpane will not create shards of glass if it is broken. The wire can also hold the glass in place during extreme temperatures.

A Fire-resistant Glass

A wire glass replacement is fire-rated to be a safer type of window. If a window stays intact, the glass is able to prevent a fire from spreading as quickly. It also protects people from the harmful impact of flames and smoke.

Therefore, to make the best use of a wire glass replacement, you need to install the glass in an area that requires a solid fire barrier, such as a school, plant, office, or public facility. Because of the fact that wire mesh is not that attractive, wire glass is also used in public buildings or other institutions where aesthetics aren’t a huge factor.

Fire-rated Glass

If you wish to include glass windows in your residence, you can find glass materials that provide less of an obstruction and a clearer view. For residential use, fire-rated glass is preferred, as it can stand up to temperatures over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Types of Glass Used in Residential Installations

Before making a final decision, talk to a glass technician and professional installer. Make sure you fully understand the features of the glass you wish to install. The types of glass that are used in construction and new-home builds include tempered safety glass, laminated glass, and plexi-glass designs. Visit our website at Bolingbrook Glass and Mirror for further information.