Growing Red Fountain Grass in Florida: Maintenance and Transplanting Tips

Fountain grass is an ornamental grass beloved for its easy care and cascading leaves. Ideal for filling space in borders, this mound-forming grass is an eye-catching perennial with dense growth.

Growing Red Fountain Grass in Florida

Red fountain grass in Florida thrives in warm climates, making it a favorite for Florida gardeners. The plants do best in well-drained, fertile soil, but they can tolerate nearly any type. Red fountain grass prefers full sun but will also grow in light shade. After planting, you may apply fertilizer, but it is not needed regularly. Once plants are established, water them only during periods of draught. This easy maintenance makes red fountain grass a great option for beginner gardeners.

If weeds are a problem in your garden, planting ornamental grasses can help control them. Apply a thin layer of mulch around the plants to reduce weed growth and the need for frequent watering.

Dividing and Transplanting Red Fountain Grass

If your red fountain grass is becoming overcrowded or if you simply wish to move the plants to another area of your garden, divide your plants every two or three years. Use a shovel or spade to split the plant in half and replant. If your plants are particularly large, split them into quarters. Water frequently for the first year after transplanting. These resilient plants do well when divided and will establish roots quickly in the new space.

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