Have you ever checked the air quality in your home?

If you have an air purification system, it’s probably pretty good. This doesn’t mean it can’t be better, though. There are certain things you can do to make sure your air purifier is working as efficiently and powerfully as possible. Use these three tips to get the most out of yours.

1. Placement – Make sure the air purification system is placed not too close to a wall. This allows the exhaust system to release air that will flow easily throughout the room. Make sure your unit has a few feet of breathing room on each side so it can work properly.

2. Close Windows and Doors – Make sure all the windows and doors in the home are closed while the purification system is running. If they are open the unit will have to work extra hard to clean all the air that is getting in. It’s actually a good idea for the air quality in your home to open the windows and doors sometimes, but not when the air purifier is running.

3. Filters – Change your air filters regularly. If the thing cleaning your air isn’t dirty, it’s not going to do a great job cleaning your home’s air. It’s also a good idea to clean your filters because the unit will have to overwork if the system is clogged with dirt and debris.

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