Helpful Pointers for Choosing the Best Office Chair for Your Team

You may have an easy time picking out a chair for yourself. But, choosing the right chair for your entire team can be much more complicated. Your staff comes in a variety of sizes and has various sitting habits, so there cannot be a perfect chair that will fit everyone. Yet, you can get something that can be adjusted to accommodate their individual needs.

Below are ways that the chair should be able to adjust to fit the person using it.


If a chair is too high or low, it can put unnecessary strain on your back, hips, or knees. To protect the health of your staff, you will need office chairs in orange county where the height can be adjusted to keep their feet flat on the ground and their thighs parallel with the floor.


The backrest of a chair should allow you to modify the height and aim the support towards the curve of the spine. Getting this support along the back will take pressure away from the spine and hips. If the chair the ability to recline a bit, it will help your staff work without straining their eyes, shoulders, and arms.

When you purchase new office chairs in Orange County, you are investing in the productivity and wellness of your workplace. Instead of looking for the cheapest option, get the one that will bring the most benefits.

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