How Can Free Government Cell Phones in Wisconsin Help You?

Are you without a phone? Perhaps you have an old style phone but you do not have the funds necessary to purchase or upgrade to a smartphone. In that case, you may qualify for free government cell phones in Wisconsin. Though individuals need to meet specific qualifications for these phones, they may be one of the best investments available to those who are struggling to remain connected now.

Why You Need One

Accessing the free government cell phones through the Lifeline program, a federal support program, may be a very important investment for many people. It allows people to connect the connectivity they need including for connecting to family and friends, receiving medical support, and obtaining support for other needs from work to school and beyond.

To obtain these phones, households must meet needs based on federal program use. For example, some people that qualify for Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, or public housing assistance may qualify for this type of phone. That may include those who are getting tribal benefits or survivor’s benefits, too.

With the help of this program, families can gain the connectivity they need. Free government cell phones in Wisconsin allow you to get the connection you need to the world around you. It offers free talk and text without limits. There is also free data access. With the phone, you can use it any way you need to, just like any other cell phone available, giving you the freedom you need.