How to Save Money on your Next Catalog Print Job

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Business

The catalog printing Los Angeles uses can get expensive. However if you know some tips and tricks you will be able to save on your next catalog print job. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Type of Press: If you are doing a catalog that is 16 pages and requires a lower quantity run it might be a good idea to consider a web press job. These printers run off a roll of paper and are much faster. However there are some drawbacks as well such as it takes more time to setup a web run which can sometimes add to your costs.
  • Page Count: Consider how many pages you really need and remember that you can see some cost savings based on the page breaks offered by your printer. Most start at counts of 8 to 16 and go up in sections of 16. This will depend on the type of paper being used and the format being used as well.
  • Page Size: Another consideration is your page size. Consider all the factors and speak to your catalog printing Los Angeles uses to find out what they have to offer and if there are any ways to save money. They will be able to make suggestions of what sizes will save you the most money and provide the space you require. The less paper you use the lower your freight charges will be to ship and mail them as well.
  • Catalog Size: The more unusual the size and configuration of your catalog the more it will cost. As already mentioned catalogs tend to be printed in page counts of 16’s. The size and paper quality will both have a huge impact on your catalog, but will also have a huge impact on the look of your catalog so choose wisely.
  • Mailing Savings: Make sure you are on time and work with your mailing service schedule with all dates considered such as binding and addressing of the catalogs to ensure you’ve got your dates set correctly.
  • Avoid Delays: Stay on schedule with your printer and avoid last minute changes unless absolutely necessary. Some experts would tell you it is cheaper to run a correction notice in the local paper than it is to face delays or reruns.

For your catalog printing Los Angeles businesses require you should consider all of your angles before you make decisions in order to realize as many cost savings as possible.

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