Is It Safe to Leave Your Dog at a Dog Daycare?

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Pet Care

With more and more people working longer hours at work, many dogs are being left at home alone during the day. While some dogs are perfectly content to sleep for hours until their humans return, others can become restless and bored. Boredom leads to destructive behaviors such as chewing on furniture, soiling the floor, and non-stop barking which can annoy the neighbors. But since you can’t very well quit your job just to spend time with your pet, but you also can’t just toss him off to another family to care for, what is the best option? A dog daycare, of course!

Playtime at the Daycare

Just like a daycare for human children, a dog daycare includes plenty of interaction with playmates and loads of toys to enjoy! Your dog can enjoy one of the indoor or outdoor play areas where he can run, jump, chase, and be chased by other dogs his own size. Playtime helps burn off excess energy, and offers your dog a way to stimulate his brain and become more content in general. A happy dog is a healthy dog, and while your dog is romping and playing at daycare, you can focus on your obligations without wondering if he is chewing on the antique end table. Dog Own’s Best place for dog care.

How Safe is Daycare?

Each facility has its own rules and requirements for dogs that visit, but in general each dog will be assessed for temperament prior to being allowed to play with others. Dogs that show aggression towards other canines will not be allowed to join in on group activities, but can still enjoy one on one playtime with human caretakers. Additionally, each play area is securely fenced and when multiple dogs are playing together, multiple human caretakers are monitoring them at all times. This prevents any aggression or “pack behavior” against more timid individuals.

What Happens in an Emergency?

When you drop off your dog, you will be required to sign certain waivers and provide contact information in an emergency. Accidents do happen even in the safest environments, so it’s important that you and the facility knows what to do in an emergency. Normally, the facility will have a 24-hour vet nearby in case of any critical issues. Minor injuries such as a bleeding toenail from playing or a missing tooth from tug of war with a rope can be taken care of easily and without much fuss right at the dog daycare facility.

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