Is organic dog food better?

To begin with, Organic dog food comes from sources high in nutrients and vitamins, so right out of the box, organic dog food is better than non-organic. Dog food that comes from minimally processed, dehydrated, whole-food ingredients has more to offer your dog than other non-organic sources. In addition, there are no preservatives or GMO ingredients.

Organic dog food does not contain stuff like corn and wheat gluten substances, feeder quality meat or grain meals, carcinogens like butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene, preservatives like ethoxyquin, food dyes, propylene glycol or rendered fat. While a few of these ingredients may not sound so bad, they’re prepared with such extreme cooking processes that whatever nutrients exist are destroyed.

In the second place, organic Dog Food Gainesville is much more digestible. Organic carbohydrates like organic oatmeal, potatoes and rice are easily digested by dogs. Organic beef, lamb, sheep, venison and bison all provide your dog with the protein they can use. Organic dog foods also contain organic chicken, lentils and vegetables. Conventional dog food is feeder material that can come from almost any sources, differentiated because humans wouldn’t be allowed to consume it.

Finally, organic dog food gets absorbed easier than non-organic dog food. Dog food is sorted into two categories by the digestive system. On the one hand, there’s food that’s recognizable as necessary and is absorbed, and on the other hand, there’s food that the system can’t identify and it’s eliminated. A dog’s immune system is completely dependent on this process, and the more Dog Food Gainesville the system absorbs, the greater the dog’s immunity to disease. While some diseases are actually life-threatening, the real threat to your dog is an unhealthy diet.

The best thing you can do for your dog is to provide it with a healthy easily digested organic food. Organic dog food also cuts down on dog obesity and contributes to a longer life.