Living a Simpler Life with a Bike Leads to Health, More Money and Fun

Just about everyone is looking for happiness and fulfillment in life. Simplifying your life is one way to do that. When you simplify your life, you’re looking to fill your day-to-day life with activities that give enjoyment and provide efficiency. Riding a bike such as an Xtracycle cargo bike in California is one of those activities.

Ditching the Car for Health

Fitting in exercise into a busy schedule can be hard. This is what makes having a bike an excellent solution. You don’t have to worry about loading up the car, you get to reduce your carbon footprint, and riding a bike such as an Xtracycle cargo bike in California is excellent for exercise. It helps your cardiovascular system. Your legs and core get an excellent workout as well.

Riding a Bike Saves Money

Think of all the wonderful ways you could save on buying gasoline if you biked rather than relying on your car to go from here to there. You could ride your bike to the store, the ice cream shop, around the neighborhood and several other places. If each trip you’d normally take in your car cost $2 or more, the amount you’d save could add up quickly.

Taking the Kids Out for Fun

We know how beneficial it is to get outside to exercise, get fresh air and get a small amount of sunlight per day to produce Vitamin D. At times, play areas, like the park, can be far away for little kids to walk to. However, if you were to take out a bike where your small children (or even pets) could sit as you stroll, you’d have endless activities to take part in. For instance, you could do a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood, take a nature adventure or stroll to the park without having to get in the vehicle.

A bicycle can help you to tote kids, pets, groceries and anything else you can think of. With an Xtracycle cargo bike in California, you can get back to simpler ways, get healthy, save money and have fun. Visit the website to view our inventory of bicycles today.