Most Important Elements to Consider When Choosing Kinase Assay

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Laboratory

If you have testing in the lab that needs to be performed and you are going to need a kinase assay, it is essential that you choose the right option. Those who do not take the time to ensure that they are working with only the very best are going to find that there could be trouble. In some cases, for example, there will be issues with the testing process and/or with the results. Therefore, taking some time to choose the right kinase assay kits is well worth it.

Benefits of an HTS Kinase Assay

One of the best features of a kinase assay kit is the ability for it to be flexible. Naturally, you are also going to want to be sure that it is a reliable option and highly accurate. As always, higher accuracy is going to be essential for any type of laboratory setting. The high throughput screening assays, or HTS assays, tend to be a very good option for this. They are fast and easy to use and to get results, which can make them a very cost-effective choice. They can be used from the concept phase to analysis.

When choosing a kinase assay, you will need to understand the parameters through which it works. This will help you to determine whether it is the right solution for your needs. There are many assays out there that have the potential to provide you with the types of results that you require, but you will want to take care when you are making your choice. In addition, you might need to consider custom assays.

Custom Assays for Specific Targets

In addition, you might find that it is better for you to find a company that can offer you not only some of the “off the shelf” assays, but also custom kinase assay kits. Companies like BellBrooks Labs can offer a range of options for a various targets, for example. This could be a good solution for those research labs and pharmaceutical companies that are not going to get the results they need from the standard activity assays that are out there.

There will be advantages and disadvantages to the various types of assays that are out there and available. By understanding what you need for your applications, it is going to make it far simpler to choose the options that are best for you.

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