Outdoor Heater Safety

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Business

Outdoor heaters that use propane are portable and used for heating small areas. They are often available for rent. Look for outdoor heater rental in your local area. They are available from New York city to West Hollywood. As with any heating device with an open flame, safety is a major concern.
Intense Heat.

To heat small zones of outside area, these heaters run extremely hot. Fire is always a danger if they are used improperly. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that propane cylinders not in use be located at least 20 feet away from the heater. Cylinders of propane should be kept well away from intense heat. While rule 58 recommends cylinders in use be 6 feet from the heater, in the case of this style of heater the cabinet housing the cylinder is often built into the device.

Keep Heaters Away from Buildings and Entrances and Exit.

Portable propane heaters must not be located within 5 feet of exits since such heaters are often used on patios. Adherence to this rule should prevent those entering or exiting a building from knocking it over. Such heaters should not be located where there is foot traffic, according to Texas Propane. Companies providing outdoor heater rental will provide safety information to keep your party free from danger.

Other Safety Advice.

Use outdoor patio heaters only in well-ventilated places. They must not be used under any circumstance indoors. High winds tip heaters over and extinguish the flame. Never use such heaters in high wind conditions. Keep children away from these heaters. Read all directions and know how to turn the heater off and on.

Even in West Hollywood winter temperatures can dip as low as forty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. Outdoor propane heaters are a great choice to take the chill out of your event, but remember to be safe.

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