The Path to Yes: How a Communication Speaker Can Increase Your Team’s Sales

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Business

As a seasoned salesperson, you most likely have learned many soft skills during your vast experience that now seems like second nature to you. These skills, however, are the results not of mere common sense but rather years of knowledge and practice. Just like you were taught, whether by a mentor or by the trial-and-error method, your sales team can be taught these valuable skills to increase their productivity. A sales communication speaker can jolt your team’s effectiveness by divulging to them the interpersonal tricks of the trade.

Listening Well

The best salespeople are those who know how to slow down and listen. Everyone likes to know that what they say is important to the person to whom they are speaking, and people are quite good at knowing when it’s not. Therefore, one of the first skills speakers teach is the art of listening. They can remind your team of the importance of focusing on what the potential customer is saying rather than just waiting for a pause when they can make their own point. In addition, they can teach your team how to read the nonverbal signals, such as eye contact, facial expression, and posture, that speak as loudly (if not more so) than the words the customer is using.

Guiding Conversations

A sales communication speaker instructs the audience in how to maintain control of a conversation. People who are successful in sales will likely agree that getting to yes basically boils down to match what the customer wants or needs with something your product or service can provide. By employing listening skills and learning what the customer desires, the sales associate can steer the conversation toward the sale. Speakers can teach your sales team to ask the right questions that guide the conversation where it needs to go to seal the deal.

Seizing Moments

In every interaction with a customer, there comes a moment of truth. This moment either clears the path to yes or sets up a roadblock. The speaker teaches associates how to recognize the moment a customer decides he or she is interested so that they can make the sale smoothly and efficiently. If there are hindrances, the speaker can help salespeople learn to decipher how to bypass the block and make the sale or how to bow out gracefully to preserve the relationship in the hope of future sales.

New salespeople need training, and even an experienced team can benefit from a refresher course in basics. A sales communication speaker can help. For more information, visit website.

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