Planning Flower Delivery For Funerals

Providing a beautiful bouquet, wreath or arrangement of flowers for a funeral or memorial service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a wonderful way to show your love, sympathy and caring for the deceased as well as for the family. These floral arrangements can be delivered to the church or venue for the service, or they can be sent to t
he family of the deceased to show your sympathy.

Choosing when to schedule the flower delivery after a death in the family is important. There are some basic considerations as to the timing of the delivery, particularly if the flower arrangement is going to the church, funeral home or another venue for the day of the service.

Delivery to the Funeral Home, Church or Venue for the Service

When sending fresh flowers, there is a timeline to consider. Ideally, sending a few hours before the funeral or service is the best option, and there are several reasons for these recommendations.

Fresh flowers always look best when freshly cut. Top florists are very careful to prepare the arrangements just before flower delivery to allow the flowers to be at their peak of beauty during the service. Having the flowers delivered too early may result in flowers that are not as fresh and vibrant.

At the same time, many funeral homes and churches do not want flower delivery within a couple of hours of the service. It can become challenging to coordinate the arrival of mourners as well as accepting and positioning flower arrangements. When in doubt, contact the funeral home or church and ask for information on the best time for flower delivery.

Sending flowers to the family in Fort Lauderdale, FL, can be done at any time. It is not recommended to send them on the day of the funeral as this can be a difficult time, and the family may not be at home, resulting in the flower sitting outside or being returned to the florist for an attempted delivery the next day.