Protection Earned with Louisville KY Best CCTV Cameras

by | Oct 26, 2021 | businesseclipse

The local news station will often report on a recent crime with a grainy video display to accompany the report. A crime of a lower level will rarely be reported without a video. It becomes often amusing to pick out a scenario from a gray video or listen in on the recorded audio through the video display. This is through advanced and sometimes rudimentary CCTV camera systems used in business and residential communities. With that said, the video contents accomplish a few things:

* Raise awareness of the crime in the first place through greater exposure to the public

* Greatly increase the chances of justice prevailing

* Record the incident for legal matters

These Louisville KY Best CCTV Cameras systems are often built directly with the door alarm system set in place. This is where the recording begins. There are four distinctive types of door alarms.

Notification: These are low-security installations. It lets the receptionist know that someone has entered the premises. They can often be locked remotely, and a click or trigger will allow someone in, a common scenario at a pawn shop or small specialty shop.

Magnetic: This is a type of door alarm that essentially goes between the lock and the door itself. When this is breached (the magnetic piece stalls) it emits a loud ringing. This is also the most common type of alarm established in residential communities.

Scanners: Scanners are considered quite advanced. They can be quite straightforward, such as a bar code scanner. This is used for more tech-friendly college campuses or larger businesses. Now, this is not to say scanners should be in the main front door, but during off hours they could be a nice and effective way to gain entrance without worrying about offsetting all the alarms.

Comprehensive: A comprehensive camera system and door alarm rely on audio recording, instant police department alerts in case of a breach, video recording and time stamping, and other useful features.

In a business environment, it is almost necessary to have some type of security camera system in place. It can protect the livelihood of a family’s finances. Louisville KY Best CCTV Cameras can come in any of the four forms above to protect people that take the necessary steps. Visit us for more information.

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