Qualities Required of a Dental Assistant

If you are seeking dental assistant training in St. Augustine, FL, then you should be aware of all the qualities that will be asked of you when you take up this craft. True, you won’t have to (or rather you won’t be legally able to) perform some of the more complicated tasks that normal dentists are trained to perform, but that doesn’t mean that your role isn’t vital. Quite the opposite, in fact, as there are several character traits you must embody or develop in order to best perform this job. As for what those are, here is a short guide to the three most important.

#1. Empathetic
A dental assistant’s job, especially when it comes to the more in-depth procedures, is to be the bridge between the dentist and the patient. A dental assistant’s job is to communicate with the patient, ease their worries, and make sure they’re kept abreast of the situation and they understand what’s going on. A dental assistant must, in short, be a people person.

#2. Determined
This is a fast job, as well as an arduous one. This job demands that you be permanently set into high gear, persevering through long hours, and maintaining a strong work ethic. Depending on the patient, your superior is going to have you running back and forth through the office, performing various tasks and working with multiple patients. A dental assistant must learn to take these tough days in stride through sheer force of dedication and determination.

#3. Strong organizational skills
Dentists are the head of the office, but they always need someone to keep things organized. This is why you, as the dental assistant, need to be able to pick up the slack. Not only do you need to have your entire workspace neat and organized, you need to know exactly where everything is at all times, and be knowledgeable with each tool. This means you have to be single-minded and a multi-tasker, all at the same time. Obviously, not an easy mindset for most people, which is why this job definitely isn’t for everyone. Thankfully, that’s what we have training for.

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