Ramen Kits From Colorado Help Consumers Make Authentic Asian Cuisine

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Food Service

A ramen making kit from a company known for providing delicious products is the answer for consumers who want to prepare Asian-style meals at home. People who have only ever tried the dried ramen noodles sold in packs at stores are in for a real treat. The kits come with the basic ingredients along with suggested recipes so everyone can create meals they love.


Ramen noodles seem to have been invented in China, but the food is more commonly associated with Japan. The noodles are also featured in cuisine from Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand. The well-known ramen noodle soup seems to have originated in Vietnam, where it was named pho.

Traditional Pho

Authentic pho is made with rice ramen instead of wheat noodles. Traditionally, it is made with beef bone broth and thin slices of beef, but that can be changed if one prefers.

Rivaling Restaurant Cuisine

A ramen making kit allows consumers to craft tasty Asian cuisine at home, rivaling dishes they have enjoyed in restaurants. By having the main ingredients included and the choice of adding other components, the cooking process is simpler. It can easily be changed for one’s own taste preferences.

In 2020, when many U.S. residents aren’t sure they are ready to start going to restaurants regularly again, they look for ways of recreating the experience at home. Those who want to eat Asian cuisine often are glad to find the choice of ramen kits they can buy at local stores. Locations that sell these kits can be found

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