Secure Document Destruction Shredding in Orange County

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Business

Any business, agency, organization, or facility that requires confidential information has a legal responsibility to dispose of that information safely and securely. Personal, financial, and medical information, past or present falls into the category of confidential information. That can be an address, telephone number, invoice number at a supply store, or laboratory test results at a clinic. Some businesses deal with Document Destruction Shredding in Orange County by providing each office or station with an individual shredder. That can become expensive because they have to be replaced often, and they are not reliable because they only shred in one direction.

Hiring a service that collects material to be shredded, and then shreds it off-site, can leave the business at risk for liability issues. Documents can become lost, stolen, or seen by employees of the original business, and those of the company hired to provide services. The risk of documents being lost, stolen, or seen is also present in businesses that have employees bring documents down to a shredding room to be shredded by support staff or night maintenance workers. If those avenues do not prove to be sufficient to protect that information in a liability case, the business can be sued for a large amount of money.

Companies that provide Document Destruction Shredding in Orange County via mobile destruction units can ensure that all confidential information is safely and securely shredded right at the business location. Businesses have printed and signed documentation of which bins were emptied, how much was in each bin, and what date and time the documents were destroyed. Bins with bar codes are provided by the company. The code is scanned as a material is collected. Collected material is placed into the mobile unit and shredded in the presence of the operator and a representative from the business. Document are cross-cut shredded, so documents are completely unreadable.

Services are customized to suit the needs and budgets of any sized business. Bins of various sizes are available, and pick-ups can be as little as once every eight weeks, or as often as daily, depending on the needs of the business. Free consultations and estimates are available. Do not risk liability issues, especially when shredding services are cost-effective.

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