See How an Organizational Assessment Can Help Your Company Meet Its Goals

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Consulting Services

Do you think your company could benefit from an organizational assessment? If you even have to ask this question, the likely response is yes. Performing a successful assessment can help you improve the effectiveness, cohesiveness and management structure of your organization. Learn more about how these assessments are conducted and what benefits they provide.

The Meaning of an Organizational Assessment

In essence, organizational assessments are systematic reviews of how a company or agency functions. It involves taking a detailed look at the policies, the culture, environment and the organization of management. It also takes a look at the way job functions evolve over the course of the company’s dealings.

At the Ground Level

There are specific items that the assessment team will look at when performing the process. It is not uncommon for the team to review the company’s mission statement, key objectives, organizational plans and HR policies. It is also necessary to review job descriptions and roles to determine if the organization is structured efficiently. All this information is used to determine whether the organization can make any changes that will provide an overall benefit.

The People Involved

Often, several different parties are involved in an organizational assessment. This includes internal parties, such as members of the HR department. Often, an external consulting agency will also come in to assist. These agencies help provide an objective look at the company as a whole. Therefore, they play an integral role in the assessment.

Reaping the Benefits

At the end of an assessment, a report will be generated that details all of the findings. All of the data collected, as well as a thorough analysis, will be part of this report. In essence, there will be suggestions on how to improve the organization at every level. Once you implement these suggestions, you are likely to see a huge uptick in productivity and employee satisfaction. This is the main benefit of organizational assessments.

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