Selecting Furniture For Your San Mateo Living Room For Comfort, Function, And Style

Sometimes, you might decide that the furniture in your living room just isn’t comfortable any longer. It might be older and not the style that you want in your home. When you decide to get new living room furniture, there are a few tips to consider so that you choose designs and sizes that are aesthetically appealing and comfortable as well.

Measure Before You Buy

Take measurements of the furniture you currently have in your living room. This will give you a good idea as to the pieces that will be able to easily fit. Take measurements of each wall as well so that you have a general idea for the sizes of couches, chairs, and accessories that could comfortably sit in the room. Measure the doors as well to ensure that there is enough width to get the new furniture in your home.


Make a sketch of the floor plan of your living room as a way to better determine where furniture could be placed. You can easily change the direction of the living room furniture in the picture and where it’s placed compared to focal points, such as the television or a coffee table. The sketch will also give you an opportunity to see where accessories can be placed, such as an end table beside a couch or a chair.


Consider how you’ll use the living room. If it will be a room where you gather at the end of the day to relax, then you’re going to want to choose furniture that is comfortable to sit on instead of pieces that have more of an aesthetic quality. If you plan to entertain in your living room, then consider a focal point with a few chairs around it and a couch against one wall for easier communication with others in the room.