Seven Steps to Prevent a Pest Infestation in Your Home

Spiders, rats, wood boring beetles, cockroaches, ground squirrels, and ants are just a few types of pests that can be commonly found living in a home. Even the cleanest home can experience a problem with bugs or rodents if the right steps are not taken to prevent them from entering the residence. While there are a few commonly known steps you can take to prevent an infestation. Pest control services in Ventura can help eliminate any existing vermin and provide valuable information on how to prevent bugs or rodents from entering your home.

Effective Preventive Steps

  1. Food should be stored in glass or plastic containers to eliminate a food source for pests.
  2. Do not let water accumulate in or around your home as this can attract vermin.
  3. Check for any cracks or holes in the baseboards and around the exterior of your home that need to be closed off to prevent rodents from entering the dwelling.
  4. Place garbage in a trash bin with a lid to prevent rodents from gaining access to the rubbish.
  5. Schedule routine inspections and treatments provided by professional pest control services in Ventura.
  6. Before bringing boxes, grocery bags, or packages into your home, you should check for bugs.
  7. Remove any clutter such as old newspapers, cardboard boxes, or magazines from your home that can be a breeding ground for pests.

Maintain a Pest-Free Home with a Trusted Exterminator

While there are steps you can take to eliminate the risk of an infestation, Casner Exterminating Inc. offers the services required to help keep your home free of bugs and rodents. From routine treatments to inspecting your home for pests, their highly-trained staff works with each client to help keep their home free of vermin.